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The Easter snack of tomorrow is available today. . . . and also tomorrow.


As the official Cheetos® spokescheetah, I’m so muchmore than just a pretty face. I’m also really good-looking. See for yourself.


Press Conference

Introducing new cinnamon-sugar flavored Sweetos: the most innovative thing Cheetos has ever introduced around Easter. Not to mention the only thing.

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Cheetos® Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror: The Frightening Finalists

Never fear: the five winners have been chosen for Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror. Or be very afraid, if you dare to watch their winning movies now.

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Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror

This Halloween, there’s finally something scarier than the comments section on YouTube: Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror. Submit your own scary story with the hashtag #cheetales for a chance to have it made into a scary short movie.

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Fun. Fútbol. Family. Los Cheetahs.

Introducing Los Cheetahs, the most entertaining fútbol club in the world! Join us on Saturday, November 8 in Long Beach for a dangerously cheesy fútbol event like you've never seen before. You could meet Jorge Campos! More info at:

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Cheetos® presents Los Cheetahs vs. Los Jefes

Cheetos® presents Los Cheetahs – the most entertaining fútbol club in the world! Watch highlights from the inaugural game against Los Jefes in Long Beach with a special appearance by Jorge Campos! More information at:

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Chester Cheetah's® Halloween Prank #1: The Spooky Stock Boy

Drop everything you're doing and check out the first of my ghostery store pranks featuring the new Cheetos® Bag of Bones.

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Cheetos®: Chester Cheetah's® Halloween Prank #2: The Ghostery Cart

My next ghostery store prank will help you get a head start on your Halloween celebration. Literally. Check it out.

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Cheetos®: Chester Cheetah's® Halloween Prank #3: A Taste of Terror

I’ve got to hand it to myself, these ghostery store pranks have been hilarious. Watch my final one.

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Chester Cheetah® discovers that picking up a hitchhiker might not be the best idea. But new Cheetos® Bag of Bones snacks might be our best idea yet. Try some this Halloween.

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My vacation video is so good that I almost got FOMO. Then, I remembered I was there and watched it again. Check it out.

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Chester Cheetah® is upping the ante on fun this summer.

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Life's a beach. And Chester Cheetah® wants to make sure everyone has some fun in the sun.

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Look who's coming to dinner: Chester Cheetah® with a bag of Cheetos® snacks. Bon appétit.

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This Cheetos® ad turns into a game on YouTube. Commence firing!

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